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In a tragic incident three labourers died inside a ring well while they were trying to clean it from inside. The incident occured at West Neoramura school in Dhanpur on Saturday.
According to eyewitness, three labourers were hired by the school managing committee for cleaning of the ring well on Saturday morning. Firstly one of the labourer went inside the ring well to and fell inside after not responding to the calls of his sub-ordinates above, then the other two also went inside the ring well to check on their subordinates but they also were not responding to the calls of the persons standing above.
After being alerted by people standing above the ring well Fire Brigade personnel rushed to the spot and pulled out all the three unconscious labourers from the ring well and took them to the hospital. The doctor’s on duty decleared them brought dead and said that poisonous gas and suffocation might have led to the dead of all the three labourers.

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