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Chairman of South Zone Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) Abhijit Moulick has been selected as the new President of All Tripura Chess Association.

Speaking to our correspondent Chairman of South Zone Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) Abhijit Moulick said that Chess is an excellent tool to demonstrate the theme of critical thinking. During a game a player must formulate a plan of attack or defense. The formulation of a plan entails that the player must not only reflect on how similar problems are solved (searching a database of previous knowledge) but also the player must perform a systematic checking of possible combinations of moves and then arrive at an evaluation of each line. The process is a mental exercise where pieces are envisioned to be moving from square to square and the player reflects on the characteristics of the position to finally produce a reasoned outcome (move). This is precisely the definition of critical thinking. Chess provide a simple and direct way to develop the three lower order thinking skills – Remembering, Understanding and Applying. Chess can be used to solve many educational problems, especially when used to teach the thinking skills, he added.

MLA Ratan Chackraborty has been selected as Chief Patron, Director o Shyam Sundaar. Co. Jewellers Rupak Saha has been selected as Patron,  Prasanta Kundu, Dipak Saha, Kuntal Das, Panna Ahmed and Bishnupada Dey have been selected as vice presidents.

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