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A sensitisation workshop on Preventing and Combating Child trafficking in 100 bordering and adjoining districts of India was organized by National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) in collaboration with State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) and District Administration of West Tripura District on Monday at Pragna Bhavan.

Chairperson of the Tripura Commission for Protection of Child Rights Jayanti Debbarma said Child trafficking is a serious crime and worst form of human rights violations prevalent in many parts of our country; thereby causing a deterrence in achieving the goal of a New India, a Progressive India. Combating Child Trafficking requires interventions and attention of a cross section of stakeholders. The porous international borders shared by several districts of our country amplify the conditions that enable and attract traffickers. Children become soft targets who fall prey to the clutches of these predators constantly in search of their prey. The victim children encounter severe forms of exploitation, such as physical, sexual and emotional violence, abuse, torture, and trauma, forced and bonded labour, forced marriages and practices like slavery etc. The main objective of this campaign is to sensitize the key stakeholders on basic indicators to identify children at risk, vulnerable children, and prevention for combating child trafficking in bordering districts of India, she added.

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